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A season of "working the birds", wingshooting, & bird migrations.

Matagorda County's countless waterways, bays, and prairies attract wingshooters from across the state.  Dove hunting in the area kicks off in September and lasts through November.  Hunting shifts gears in November to waterfowl hunting.  Ducks and geese are plentiful   Expected quarry include diving ducks, ranging from canvas backs to blue bills, and puddle ducks like pintails, mallards, and mottled ducks.

The discovery of the East Matagorda Bay's fishing success during the fall season put Matagorda County on the map.  "Working the birds" is a tactic commonly used by anglers in East and West Matagorda Bay.  Schools of shrimp, migrating to the Gulf, leave the safety of the backwater marsh.  Feeding becomes furious, as shrimp are intercepted and forced to the surface by speckled trout and redfish.  Seagulls and pelicans spot the skipping and bouncing shrimp, alerting anglers with their swooping and divebombing antics.  Fishermen deliver lures into the feeding frenzy and receive instant hookups from predatory fish.  

Hunting guides are available across Matagorda County for dove, duck, geese, whitetail deer, and wild hogs.  Waterfowl hunters seeking a low budget option can purchase a beach vehicle permit for access to the entire south shoreline of East Matagorda Bay.  Coves including Hog Island, Boiler Bayou, and Oyster Farm can be accessed from the beach via four wheel drive vehicle.  The same locations make for fantastic wadefishing too.  

Over 333 species of birds can be viewed in Matagorda County.  The diverse landscape of the Colorado River, agricultural plains, woodlands, and marshland attract big numbers of birds annually.  Late fall, migratory season begins and Matagorda County is a midpoint on the birds' route to the Yucatan Peninsula.   Facilities offered for Matagorda County birders include estuary tours, the Matagorda County Birding Nature Center, and LCRA's Matagorda Nature Park.

Hillbilly Hankerin'
Aug. 03, 2018 - Aug. 11, 2018
133 S 4th Street
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